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Ancient Portals & Medieval Doors: The past meets present

I wonder what stories have played out both in-front and behind these doors … will look deeper into the pre-historic & medieval past around the Dordogne River Valley. We will also continue to post about present day: culture, cuisine, arts and recreation.

A metaphor for life, doors.
From our earliest years we
open and shut them without
a thought, yet they symbolize
our journey to the very end.


In many ways, things are very slow to change around the LOT and its neighboring departments. Is this a detriment or benefit to the areas future? I am uncertain. I do know the door to this destination’s tourism potential has never been fully opened and could be the savior to its weak local economy.

We plan on keeping this portal of discovery open and hope you will soon have the opportunity to: paddle, bike, trek, and savor its many rich wonders personally.

When you do arrive don’t hesitate knocking on our door!

à bientôt! Jack

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12:01 am - Posted by Jack Tobin