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Kayaks & Canoes ‘NOT ALLOWED’ on the Dordogne River!

panneau kayak rouge 2

ATTENTION EFFECTIVE 1 APRIL 2013: Canoeing and Kayaking on the Dordogne River – NOT ALLOWED!

News Source: ‘Le Figaro’/ Paris

Today, in an unprecedented move, French President François Hollande instructed ‘Le Ministère des Eaux’ to place a moratorium on both Kayaking and Canoeing on France’s rivers until further notice. This move, he advised, was required to protect the country’s extensive bottled water industry from potential pollution by recreational paddlers. ‘L’Association des Grands Pagayeurs de France’ says this is just another move by President Hollande to prove the only legitimate use for a paddle is to spank the general public!

No Paddling? Mon Dieu! President Hollande!!!

No Paddling? Mon Dieu! President Hollande!!!

We’ll keep all our readers posted on this developing story…   

à bientôt, Jack


6:06 am - Posted by Jack Tobin