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GROWING UP ON THE ‘BIG ISLAND’ OF HAWAII… hunting wild boar was a right of passage and that boar coming off the spit or right out of our imu was oh, so ono!

Now I have lost my taste for hunting but find myself, once again, surrounded by forests full of wild boar. It’s the start of our boar hunting season in the Haut-Quercy and every weekend Martine and I awake to the barking of the hunting dogs & rifle reports around our home that sits at the edge of the oak woods just above Carennac and overlooking the Dordogne River Valley.

Hunting sanglier (wild boar) here dates back literally thousands of years and I think it would be difficult for me to communicate my personal distaste for hunting now to my neighbors considering… they all know how much I continue to love the taste of this game!

Life is so full of conundrums… Mon deiu!

Bon Appétit et à bientôt!  Jack

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February 22, 2013 - Posted by Jack Tobin