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We enjoy sharing information about the fantastic medieval villages that surround the Dordogne River Valley. Certainly one of the most unique is: Collonges-la-Rouge, a picture perfect village to explore with your camera.

Located in the adjacent department of Corrèze, like Carennac it shares the distinction of being on the ‘list’ of the most beautiful villages of France. Collonges-la-Rouge is very old: the first records of town activity date back from 783AD. The village retains much of its old charm, even to the badly paved roads lined by homes from the 15th to 17th century.

The 12th century church is heavily fortified as are many of the private residences with watch towers, turrets and defensive loopholes – all of which were very wise precautions during the Hundred Years’ War and continue to be excellent defensive measures against the tourists every July & August!

So why not come check it out for yourself? The natives are quite friendly and tourists few during the balance of the year!

à bientôt! Jack
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August 11, 2013 - Posted by Jack Tobin


Saying nothing… sometimes says the most.

Emily Dickinson


à bientôt, Jack
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August 4, 2013 - Posted by Jack Tobin

JUST MINUTES from Carennac and the banks of the river is the medieval hamlet of Tauriac. Nothing of significant historic importance occurred here, it is simply another postcard perfect ‘petit hameau’ in the Dordogne River Valley. But, like so many of our regions’ small villages, it guards a treasure: L’Eglise Saint-Martin.

The foundations of Tauriac’s church date back to mid-8th century and upon entry you are immediately struck by the beauty of the remarkable frescoes on its Romanesque domed ceiling that date back to the early 16th century.

About a hundred years after these paintings were created pious local priests thought they distracted people from the worship of God and then had them hidden from view for the next 200 years but thankfully not destroyed!

Norman Mailer once said he detested ‘piety’ because he felt it let the air out of thought.

Somebody once told me… Paintings are poems with no words and if so, the poetry in these speaks volumes!

à bientôt! Jack
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Location map: Tauriac, France

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March 10, 2013 - Posted by Jack Tobin