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IN 51BC, Julius Caesar finally defeated the Gaul’s on a high plateau, just above the Dordogne River and the village of Vayrac, known as Uxellodunum (modern day: Puy d’Issolu).

Le Puy d’Issolud

The siege was a long one, as the Gaul’s had found this a naturally fortified position with the plateau’s steep & craggy cliffs protecting it. The top was lush agricultural land fed by a natural spring, thus providing sustenance for the few thousand Gaelic defenders.

With Roman legions surrounding the base of the stronghold for almost 2 years without a victory, Julius Caesar became furious with the Gaul’s continued defiance. Determined to subdue Gaul while he was still its governor, he personally lead his cavalry from Italy to Uxellodunum and quickly devised a scheme to cut off the spring feeding the plateau at its source. Once this was accomplished the Gaul’s were driven to utter despair and defeated.

Gauls at battle and their surrender to Caesar

However, Caesar’s mercy had come to an end with this siege and to prevent other tribal uprisings he had all the Gaelic defenders’ hands cut off , but permitted them to continue living. He then had the hands scattered throughout Gaul to show that there would be no tolerance for continued defiance.

Talk about tough love! (à bientôt!) Jack
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August 5, 2012 - Posted by Jack Tobin