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LE CHABROL is a twisted tradition in the Haut-Quercy that dates back to the Middle Ages!

The story is really all about the soup. In southwestern France no meal is complete unless it starts with either broad bean soup (soupe de fèves) or a tourain. Tourain is an onion and garlic soup… the same soup traditionally served here at dawn to newlyweds, whether they like it or not, on the first morning of their married life.

So, when you've almost completed that delicious bowl of soup, this is where things get a little twisted…

Just take in hand that bottle of ’82 Château Latour Pauillac you've been decanting and pour a generous splash into the remainder of your soup; give it a hearty swirl to mix and then… it's bowls up!  Chabrol!!!

When visiting you will quickly grasp the importance of perpetuating this tradition...

Go for it!  Slurp it up and you will be a VERY happy traveler.

Just ask Bobbi!

Chabrol et à bientôt! Jack

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July 21, 2013 - Posted by Jack Tobin