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Le déjeuner du Dimanche with friends at Auberge Beauville in Espédaillac is a perennial favorite for us. Why? Well, it’s the cuisine and the simple fact that the current proprietors took over the auberge in 1930 and the family has served exactly the same menu every Sunday since. Check this out!

Dimanche midi: menu à €18.00

Potage (fresh country vegetable soup)
Charcuterie (assorted salami, hams & pâté platter)
Coq au vin ou Poule farce (chicken in red wine or stuffed hen)
Gigot d’ agneau à la broche
(leg of lamb)
Pommes de terres sautés et haricots blances (sautéed potatos & french white beans)
Plateau de fromages avec cabécou (assorted cheese selection including; local goat cheese)
Dessert: Pastis ou île flottante (pastis or floating island)
Pichet de Vin et Café compris
(pitcher of excellent Bordeaux wine & coffee included)

The leg of lamb (Gigot) is cooked on a spit in the fireplace! The pichet (pitcher) of outstanding local wine never goes empty! And we,  just never stop eating!


All for €18.00??? Just remember that they don’t accept credit cards. Forgot your cash? Zut Alors! Time to help with the dishes!!!

Bon Appétit et à bientôt! Jack
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October 21, 2012 - Posted by Jack Tobin

Every year, Martine, Nicole, Jean-Louis & I enjoy a superb lunch or dinner at the Lycee Hotelier’s educational restaurant called:  Le restaurant pédagogique. This culinary college is located in the village of Souillac and enjoying a meal at the school would be a great ‘souvenir’ for any visitor to the region.

Dedicated young students are trained in all the culinary arts and the fine points of both kitchen and front of house service. Throughout the school year the college operates an educational restaurant on campus offering to the general public both lunch and dinner services. In addition to the students normal curriculum; they spend two weeks cooking in the restaurant kitchen, then two weeks as servers with this training schedule repeated throughout their school year.


The restaurant serves fixed menus and offers accompanying cocktails & wines that showcase the outstanding regional offerings of the Quercy-Périgord.


Average prices? Four-course lunch: 18.00€, Five-course dinner: 30.00€

Specialty cocktails: 2.50€

Excellent regional wines:12.00€ bottle


Jean-Louis looks upon the starter with anticipation:

Aumônière d’escargots aux girolles et cèpes

This is a culinary experience that is affordable, fun and guaranteed to please your palate. So, please put it down on your Dordogne River Valley… BUCKET LIST!

Bon Appétit et à bientôt! Jack
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(Our next blog post: dimanche 05 février 2012)

Restaurant details:

Lycee Hotelier (Quercy-Perigord), Avenue Roger Couderc, 46200 SOUILLAC.         Tel: 05 65 27 03 00 CLOSED HOLIDAYS AND JULY-AUGUST

January 27, 2012 - Posted by Jack Tobin