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About a 3 hour drive southeast of Carennac will find you in the tiny village of Aubrac which is beautifully situated at high altitude on France’s Massif Central. On 26-27 May, in Aubrac, there will be a celebration which has been carried out annually since the middle ages called; Fête de la Transhumance.

The Transhumance is simply the shepherd’s movement of cattle to the higher pastures for summer grazing.

With great pride they dress up their prized livestock with elaborate headdresses transforming them into exotic showgirls ready for the stage at: Les Folies Bergère!




Today, Aubrac is home to only 45 year-round residents but they will be hosts to about 25,000 people converging on the village to celebrate this two day event.


Who knew ‘les vaches’ would ever be so overwhelmingly outnumbered? Here is a short video I made of fête back in 2010:

Plan to visit in 2012? Well, when you are through checking out the cows, have a look at the delightful accommodations at: Le Sud  and the affordable ‘all-inclusive’ 1 week homestays at the rural & eclectic French casa: Rancho Escargot.

Both represent excellent value and are located in the very heart of the Dordogne River Valley!

à bientôt! Jack
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April 22, 2012 - Posted by Jack Tobin