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The most important tip we can provide you regardless of how you get to France or make your way into our area is that you will need a car once you have arrived!


There is virtually no public transportation between our small villages and regional attractions. The train services will probably not get you where you want to go locally and taxi services are just prohibitively expensive. To access car rental and short-term lease suggestions: Click HERE. (Please note: we do not earn commissions on referring these companies)

When in France the ‘Kayak Dordogne’ crew base in the ‘Plus Beau’ village of Carennac, located on the Dordogne River at the northern tip of the French department called the LOT (46).

This region of southwestern France was once known as the Haut-Quercy and is the heart of the Dordogne River Valley. The French departments of the Dordogne (24), Corrèze (19) and Cantal (15) also surround the north of the LOT department.

Medieval villages are everywhere and within about a 1.5 hour drive radius of Carennac you can visit 18 of the most beautiful villages in France. That’s better than 10% of the villages that have made the governments, Plus Beaux Villages list. This region was where Julius Caesar defeated the Gaul’s in 54BC, home to Richard the Lionhearted, and birthplace to the Knights Templar’s. (We think this makes the area one of France’s best kept secrets!)

For our Hawaiian friend, Paula, and other paddle-sport enthusiasts the rivers in our region of most interest include; the Dordogne (considered the cleanest & most beautiful in all of France), Vézère (which passes though the heart of the regions prehistory) and the Ardèche. (Information on all these rivers can be found in our drop down menus above)

Viewing the 25,000 year old cave paintings at Pech-Merle, Lascaux, and a few other important sites provides the opportunity to see some of its finest examples. Did you know that more that 60% of the world’s prehistoric cave art is to be found here in southwestern France? That’s fact!

The local French cuisine paired with the perfect regional wines is simply an epicurean delight. This is ground zero for the black truffles, fois gras, and other regional Quercynoise delights. If you come here don’t forget to bring your appetite.

TRAVEL time to/ from Paris is about 4.5 hours by car or train (Austerlitz Station – Brive la Gaillarde), Bordeaux is 2.5 hours due West, and Toulouse 2.5 hours South by car. The new Brive BVE airport and the SNCF train station: Brive: Gare de Brive la Gaillarde are our primary transport hubs along with the other two regional airports both offering services by budget air carriers in the UK & Ireland: Limoges Bellegarde LIG and Rodez Marcillac RDZ.

We hope you’ll come and paddle, bike, photograph and explore this wonderful area of southwestern France soon!

 à bientôt! Jack
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June 6, 2013 - Posted by Jack Tobin