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Kayak & Canoë rentals






This list provides direct contact ‘links’ to kayak & canoe rental operators websites. We have included the primary outfitters on the major rivers in the region. These rivers include; Dordogne, Vézère, Ardèche, LOT and Célé.

Experienced recreational paddlers coming into the area should be aware of the fact that all the local outfitters cater exclusively to mainstream holiday visitors. The rental fleets available are comprised of only the most basic entry level equipment.  The SOT (Sit-on-Top) kayaks do not have back-support (seat-backs) of any kind and dry storage is only offered in the form of plastic barrels. Also, be aware that the quality of customer service you experience during peak holiday periods may not be up to US/ International rental outfitter standards.

Kayak Dordogne hopes to see the rental outfitters introduce to their existing fleets the addition of some high quality SOT kayaks with adjustable ergonomic seat-backs, foot pegs and integrated storage compartments. Regrettably, seasoned recreational paddlers will find high quality kayaks and equipment virtually impossible to rent within this region of France. When this situation changes we will be the first to report it!

We are also frequently asked if outfitters in this region of France will provide transportation & equipment portage to visitors that have their own kayaks and canoes. Presently, none of the outfitters are willing to provide these services.

Dordogne River:


Carennac to Montvalent

Mobile: 06 30 87 66 65


Vézère River:

Aventure Plein Air

Tél : +33 (0)5 53 50 67 71

Ardèche River:

Alpha Bateaux
Mme Peschier
Route des Gorges
Tél. 33 (0)4 75 88 08 29

Aventure Canoës

Vallon Pont d'Arc

Tel: 33 (0)4 75 37 18 14

LOT River and Célé River:

Tél. 05 65 24 21 01