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ABOUT US’s website and blog have been created by Jack Tobin, an American from Hawaii, who with his French/ American wife, Martine, have spent a great deal of time in France over the past 30+ years. Both Jack & Martine enjoyed successful careers in the international travel and hospitality industries prior to retirement.

Previous long-term professional relationships for Jack included: Western International Hotels (a div. of UAL, Inc.), Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (’84 Summer Games: Windsurfing Event Director), Western Australian Tourism Commission, Australia 800, Hamilton Island Resort (Queensland), Marketing Consultants International (LAX, NYC, SYD), and Marking Concepts Inc. (a Paramount/ Gulf Western company).

When Jack met first met Martine in French Polynesia on Moorea she had just completed an extensive exploration of the Palmer Peninsula in Antarctica aboard the sailing yacht Dione in 1980/81. As a working crew member, and photojournalist, Martine published numerous articles of this voyage which took the Dione from England around Cape Horn (in both directions) and ultimately on to French Polynesia for SAIL magazine. At the time this was the furthest a private sailing yacht with female crew had ever ventured into Antarctic waters. Martine’s other sailing related photographic credits include: GEO magazine, Hallmark Cards, Kodak Pathé – Paris and numerous European sailing publications.

After moving to California in 1982, Martine held executive sales management positions with Marketing Consultants International in Los Angeles and also with Hyatt Hotels and Bartell Hotels in San Diego, CA.

The Tobin’s now divide their time between California and France.