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This was a wonderful solo kayak trip across SW France covering 530k on Canal du Midi and the Garonne River.


Merci et à bientôt! Jack

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October 28, 2012 - Posted by Jack Tobin

Le déjeuner du Dimanche with friends at Auberge Beauville in Espédaillac is a perennial favorite for us. Why? Well, it’s the cuisine and the simple fact that the current proprietors took over the auberge in 1930 and the family has served exactly the same menu every Sunday since. Check this out!

Dimanche midi: menu à €18.00

Potage (fresh country vegetable soup)
Charcuterie (assorted salami, hams & pâté platter)
Coq au vin ou Poule farce (chicken in red wine or stuffed hen)
Gigot d’ agneau à la broche
(leg of lamb)
Pommes de terres sautés et haricots blances (sautéed potatos & french white beans)
Plateau de fromages avec cabécou (assorted cheese selection including; local goat cheese)
Dessert: Pastis ou île flottante (pastis or floating island)
Pichet de Vin et Café compris
(pitcher of excellent Bordeaux wine & coffee included)

The leg of lamb (Gigot) is cooked on a spit in the fireplace! The pichet (pitcher) of outstanding local wine never goes empty! And we,  just never stop eating!


All for €18.00??? Just remember that they don’t accept credit cards. Forgot your cash? Zut Alors! Time to help with the dishes!!!

Bon Appétit et à bientôt! Jack
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October 21, 2012 - Posted by Jack Tobin


a fun 9 holes of golf, we’ve got the Château de Montal just minutes from Saint Céré. A little known fact: the French Résistance had the Mona Lisa and other treasures of the Louvre hidden here throughout WWII!

Château de Montal’s story goes that Jeanne de Montal started transforming the original medieval fortress into a Renaissance palace as a gift for her son, Robert, who was off in Italy fighting with Francis I. The mansion was finished in 1534 and Robert’s mother waited, watching from a high window for her son’s return. Regretfully, only his body came back and she had the window blocked up and beneath it carved: “Hope No More”.

Which is also a befitting epitaph for my golf game!

 à bientôt! Jack
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October 7, 2012 - Posted by Jack Tobin